Meet Mike! Biz.ONE Community Director

Introducing Mike Hamm, the Community Director for Biz.ONE. Over the past few years Mike has worked for a technology firm where he spent his time developing an excitement for all things technology and worked directly with servers, cabling, and most things behind the server room door while maintaining strong relationships with customers. Recently, he switched to the conference side, where he is able to bring his technology passion and relationship building expertise to the table and he’s excited to help companies running SAP Business One.



Mike is dedicated to assisting you. When you talk to him on the phone, his cordial attitude and willingness to listen will help you find the answers that you need. At Biz.ONE, there will be solution providers, 100’s of companies, experts, and representatives from SAP. Navigating that space can sometimes feel daunting, but having someone like Mike on your side can be really helpful for making introductions to the right people and sessions. If you tell him that you’re looking for something related to SAP Business One, he’s going to spend the time looking for the right person for you to meet or session for you to attend.

We facilitate relationships that help you. Imagine for a second this conversation: “Mike, I’m looking to make improvements in my warehouse, we want live real-time inventory counts and we want access to that on the go while integrating it all in to SAP Business One.” There are many answers he could provide you, but he may link you up with a solution expert, an SAP expert like Idit Saguey, or an organization running something similar depending on what will fit your needs.

The Good ol’ Outdoors

Central New York is filled with hiking trails and places to spend time in the great outdoors. Mike loves to spend time with his dog outside hiking in places around the Adirondacks. If you want to chit chat about hunting, fishing, camping or anything outdoors, then Mike is your guy.

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