Any old hotel will do, right?

On the surface, finding a venue doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But, when you walk into a space with the eyes of an Event Manager, you see things differently. Our events team does the special job of finding the best locations to host Biz.ONE. From Anaheim last year, to Orlando this year. We are ready to enjoy and share Orlando’s #1 resort (2017) with you.

Trust the Process

Floor plans, food, RFPs, reps and beautiful hotels. No single thing dictates the final decision of an event space says Karina Belyea, Events Manager, Eventful Conferences.
“Floor plans are nice and tell you some things, but nothing beats seeing and walking the space and the surrounding outside area first hand.”

Karina Belyea | Events Manager

Take a look around your main office space, if you cleared it all out, would it be capable of hosting a keynote session? A track session? Like a VR headset, Belyea uses her tribal knowledge to overlay empty spaces and envision how a stage will look, how lighting might hang, what obstructions may or may not effect attendees and speakers filling the room on day 1. On-site her mind is immersed in the nuances of the space – observing details attendees may never think to notice, all while her calm demeanor may say otherwise.

And of course, much like the TLC show Four Weddings, food plays a major role in the perceived value of an event. After a tour of the facility, customarily, Karina will try the food and – like any good business – they try to “wine and dine you” into renting their venue by showing off the best of the best. By some standards, this may be an adequate test but, Belyea takes it a few steps further, dropping by the on-site restaurant at odd times and ordering room service anonymously. According to Belyea, “That is when you get to try what you are actually buying. If I don’t think it’s up to snuff, our customers won’t either.”

After the visit and if the negotiations go smoothly, there is only one step left, and then the real work begins.

About this Venue

In 2017,  the Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate was voted the #1 resort in Orlando by Condé Nast Traveler. An award that is not easily won when up against Disney’s plethora of options. The thing is, this resort is top notch for golf, relaxation, and everything in between. Take a look at some of these seriously top-notch highlights:
  • European-style Mokara Spa
  • 36 Holes of World-Class Golf
  • Adult-only Pool
  • 850 ft. Lazy River
  • Bookable Fishing Trips
  • Complimentary Shuttle to Disney
  • 862 Luxury Rooms, Suites, and Villas

Learn stats, get directions and book with the Biz.ONE room rate.

Biz.ONE Conference + Omni Orlando Resort

It’s not all play when you come to Biz.ONE, but to make your life easier so that you can enjoy every minute, it is located only 25 miles away from the airport. In addition to the modern look and feel, during the conference Biz.ONE attendees will also have exclusive access to:

  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Meeting Spaces
  • 40+ Sessions Ranging from WMS to Reporting Tips and Tricks
  • Friendly Support Staff by Eventful Conferences
  • Exhibition Floor with 45+ Solution Providers

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